Dugouts/One Hitters

Dugouts/One Hitters

Dugouts/One Hitters

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55MM Aluminum Tobacco Taster Multi Color (Display ...

55MM Aluminum Tobacco Taster Multi Color (Display Of 100) ..

Brass Cleaning tool

Bad Ash Brass pokerMade of brass for its nonstick propertiesBrass Cleaning toolGreat tool to clean out your new bat..

Bubba Dank Chew Can Dugout

Bubba Dank Chew Can dugoutComes included with a Bad Ash One hitter..

Classic Twist Top Dugouts

Bad Ash Twist Top DugoutThis is our classic style dugoutComes with one of our Bad Ash brass/wood one hitterColor : Mahogany..

Exotic Wood OneHitters


Large 3'' Metal Cigarette Bat

Aluminum Cigarette One hitters3 inches longfit in 4'' Large dugout BoxesPack of 100..

Laser Etched

Bad Ash Laser etched dugoutComes included with the Bad Ash Brass/Wood OnehitterComes assorted top sellerIf you would like certain ones or a custom logoGive us a call 844-422-3274..


Locking Slide Dugouts

Bad Ash Locking Slide DugoutsPull the hitter down along the spring so it comes out of a notch in the lidthe locking mechanism keeps your stash safe!The lid slides off along the dove tail..


Brands Bad Ash

Locking Twist Dugouts

Bad Ash Locking Twist DugoutsPull Hitter down and unlocks from the notch in the lidKeeping your stash safe and even child proof!..

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